Thursday, December 3, 2009

Intel to launch new mobile Celeron in January

It's no secret that the value computing segment is a big cash cow for many a company, and Intel plans to reinforce its hold here by launching a new mobile Celeron, to go with its current Celeron Mobile Ultra low voltage SU2300 and Celeron 743.

The new SKUs is called T3300 and this "Terminator branded" Celeron will have two cores and two threads. It runs at 2.0GHz and since this is a part of Montevina platform, there wont be any Turbo overclocking involved. It runs at 800MHz FSB and has 1MB of cache and is just 100MHz faster than the T3100.
Since T3100 will drop from the current $86 price to $80 on January 17th, the T3300 will launch on the same at a pretty appealing price of $86.
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