Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seagate’s First SSD: 2.5 inch Pulsar

Since we first began to hear about solid-state-drives it has always surprised me that Seagate have not really delved into the market, however it now appears as if Seagate have taken their first step by introducing their new Seagate Pulsar 2.5 inch SSD’s.
This range of SSD’s will be available in capacities of up to 200GB, and will feature 240MB/s sequential read and 200 MB/s sequential write speeds.
As you would expect these drives use a SATA interface also worth mentioning is the use of single-level cell (SLC) technology, this is said to optimize reliability and endurance.
We do not yet know anything regarding pricing, nor have we heard much about a release date as we hear more we will keep you informed.
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