Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Apple Tablet and CrunchPad

There have been a number of rumors about Apple launching a tablet PC device some time in 2010, but Apple have yet to confirm this. We have also learned that the CrunchPad has now been delayed or maybe even shelved altogether, we have to wonder if these products will ever appear.

We know that Tech Crunch is embroiled in a legal battle to get the CrunchPad program running again, so we will have to wait on the outcome of that. We still wait for conformation from Apple about their tablet device, but with the recent news that Microsoft is working on a similar device, we can assume that Apple has been working on theirs for some time now.

According to PC World, the ideal size for a tablet to be pleasing to a user is 8-inches to 10-inches and will also need an LCD touchscreen display. A tablet PC is hoped to bridge the gap between a smartphone and a netbook, but it is still not certain if there is a market for such devices.

The problem is, these Tablet PC’s will work best in the home and on the move, but will you want to carry a 10-inch lump of glass and metal or plastic around with you. We know that people carry laptops and netbooks around with them, but they have protection from the lid itself, a tablet has no such protection.
Visit PC World  where they give you the pros and cons of a Tablet PC, they also look at whether we will ever see an Apple of CrunchPad Tablet device.
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