Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dell Vostro V13 Review: Basically the Original Dell Adamo

When we think of laptops for the business user we always think of them as ugly lumps of plastic or metal, but Dell have other plans. Just take a look at their new Vostro V13 and you will see what I mean. Consumers are not the only customers who get nicely designed laptops anymore, but have Dell forget about the performance when thinking about how nice the V13 looks?

There is no question that this new portable computer from Dell is both sleek and sexy, but PC Mag seems to suggest that it is “Basically the Original Dell Adamo.” However, they do point out that the Vostro V13 outclasses both the Lenovo Thinkpad SL Series and the HP ProBook 5310m.

PC Mag are offering a short review before their extensive one, so what do they really make of it? We do know that Dell have started to copy Apple in the use of metals on some of their laptops and the V13 is no exception, offering a mix of magnesium alloy, zinc and anodized aluminum.

We were worried that Dell spent too much time on the design, and those fears have come true. PC Mag explains that the 30WH battery is not removable, something that MacBook Air users know only too well. There is another downside to this; you will get less than four hours use from that poor performing battery.
As with all Dell computers, the V13 allows you to change your hardware configurations, such as a choice with different Intel processors, hard drives and RAM. Users also get the choice of different operating systems, offering either Ubuntu Linux or Windows 7; the prices are $449 and $699 respectively.
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