Monday, December 7, 2009

RIM to launch BlackBerry 9900 and new browser

The rumoured BlackBerry 9900 and WebKit-based browser seem to confirm sayings of the analysts who were quoting contacts in the industry and parts suppliers. They say the touchscreen slider phone is in development and is like a bridge between the Storm2 and a non-touch QWERTY device. It is in prototype form and will be available to ship in 2010. This phone will be, at least theoretically, a trendy device, bringing together Research in Motion’s reputation for hardware keyboards and modern touch display technology.

Rumours about a WebKit browser got confirmation when Research in Motion bought a developer and during the recent weeks recruited a WebKit developer. This new browser would replace RIM’s old web code with a new one, also shared by Apple, Palm and Google, supporting current HTML standards. Another idea is that RIM could let Google or Microsoft offer to substitute its current browser with their own browsers.

These moves would surely help Research in Motion, which received only moderate reactions to its Storm2 handset, as the Droid has captured most of the publicity that normally would have been directed to the BlackBerry line, and mainly to the Storm2. The BlackBerry devices would have deserved more attention due to their modern Internet support and slider form factor.

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