Monday, December 7, 2009

Delayed: Intel’s ‘Larrabee’ chip, rival to AMD and Nvidia GPUs

Intel had offered its first demo of the Larrabee graphics processor. We have since learned that the chipmaker is shelving the project, it seems that the development of the chip had not advanced as much as they had hoped.
We are not certain if plans are shelved indefinitely or just delayed, but it is a big blow to Intel as they had hoped to take on the likes of AMD and Nvidia with their GPU program. Both companies have been pushing their technologies hard in the mainstream, something that Intel will find hard to swallow.

AMD’s offering is with its OpenCL standard, allowing business users to run GPU and CPU environments. Nvidia have been pushing its CUDA technology to further improve its graphics technology and push it into mainstream.
Nvidia also showed to the world at the recent Supercomputing 2009 show its Tesla GPUs, which have been based on the “Fermi” architecture. This technology will provide the same amount of performance as a standard CPU but will cost less and will use far less power. has much more information on this, visit their website by clicking on the link.

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