Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BlueAnt F4 Bluetooth headset for motorcycles debuts

There are gobs of Bluetooth headsets for drivers and there are more than a few for motorcyclists as well. For some reason talking on the phone while riding a motorcycle seems more dangerous to me than driving and talking. BlueAnt has announced a new Bluetooth headset called the Stereo F4 interphone motorcycle kit.
The device allows the rider to answer and make phone calls while driving and is fully weather proof. The device is designed to connect to either open face or full-face helmets. The F4 supports A2DP for streaming music from a Bluetooth device.
The headset also adjusts the volume automatically and BlueAnt promises clear calls at up to 110mph. One cool feature allows the headsets to work as intercoms for riders riding double on a bike or on separate bikes up to 1640 feet apart. The F4 is available now for $225.
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