Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Samsung ST550

Surefire portraits withDual LCD

The ST550's breakthrough 3.81cm (1.5) Front LCDSelf Portrait of you and your friends without leaving anyone left out to hold the camera. The Front LCD also features Children Mode for fun, engaging, and simple animation that captures those special expressions only kids can make. Ensure your timing is always perfect with the built-in Self Timer, improve your chances for great results with Shutter and Function Information, and you'll be ready to shoot in any situation.

A Touch Screen That Gives Clear Feedback
What could be more useful than seeing every detail in brilliant 1,152K High Resolution before you take your first shot? How about the ST550's vibration and audio feedback technology that reacts to your touch? After all, you don't want any of life's special moments to pass you by. And with the ST550's super clear 800 x 480 display and innovative Haptic sensor technology, your camera will let you know what you're doing with every click, swish and hum of the controls.

See deeper, go wider, get closer with the ST550
Have it all, literally, with the Samsung ST550. From its all inclusive 27mm Schneider-KREUZNACH wide angle lens to its up close and personal 4.6X optical zoom, you'll capture more fun out of every moment and relive each detail with artistic depth and perspective, and with absolute ease. Plus, with a healthy 12.2 mega pixels of superb clarity, the ST550 delivers sharper detail from every birthday cake, natural wonder, or front row seat view than you ever thought possible. Get the most out of life with the ST550.

It knows you, and only gets your best side
The ST550 isn't just smart in design. With its Smart Face recognition technology, the ST550 creates brilliance with every snap. And keeps it that way. By knowing up to 20 of your friends and family, it automatically focuses on them first, making sure the most important subjects are always in crystal clarity. And since the ST550 never forgets a face, you can also browse more efficiently by the people you've registered.



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