Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DJ HERO – Xbox 360

The game comes with a controller that you need to play the game. It’s a turntable with three buttons on the platter. On the other side is a cross fader, an effects knob and the Euphoria Button, DJ Hero’s version of star power or Overdrive. It’s well thought-out and works great, but there is one major issue with the game by its design. A DJ is a one man gig so basically only one player can enjoy the game at a time. There are about ten songs you can go on-line with and play with a guitar, but the rest of the game is single-player. This is the biggest flaw in DJ Hero. People want to feel a part of the fantasy just like in Guitar Hero or RockBand. Granted you can take turns, but it’s not the same as a real party-type music game.

Even with the neat gameplay and cool music tracks, the price is a factor. $129.99 is steep and while there are offers right now for it on sale, it’s an expensive investment. I am sure there will be more DLC content and probably another game, but those two factors are why the game is as well-made as it is. It has an uphill battle right off the bat. I will give the game its props for making a decent DJ game. While I never got the feeling of being a DJ, it is well done. The game itself has a learning curve and is more about the rhythm and patterns than any of the competition. You need to hit the green, orange and blue buttons in perfect timing. Then they throw scratches at you. This is done by holding your thumb on the turntable and moving rapidly back and forth. Timing is a key to succeeding at DJ Hero. Then later they add in the effects knob and the cross fader etc. Watching someone really good at the game is impressive. Learning can be fun but there are some frustration levels until you get it down.

Activision thought out the game well and brings something new to the table, no pun intended. It’s a well-made game and controller but unlike the other music games that have something for everyone. I spent many nights in bars, nightclubs and private parties spinning records and I just didn’t get the feeling I was doing it while playing the game. It’s not a knock just one important ingredient most of the other music games have. The game does have a party mode. By holding down the Euphoria Button, the game will scratch and mix the music you set the playlist for. I can see this as useful for some parties but it’s not going to appeal to everyone. Reading this you may think I hated the game which is not true. I enjoyed it and still play it. I think Activision is onto something, but they really need to find a way to allow more people to get involved in the game. If that means adding it into the Guitar Hero titles as an instrument, then at least it more would have access to it.


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