Friday, December 4, 2009

4GB DDR3-1333 Modules Available from Crucial

If you have been looking for the perfect accompaniment to your Core i5/i7 setup you may want to check out Crucial’s new 4GB DDR3-1333 memory modules.
These memory modules will also be a perfect choice of memory if you have an AM3 setup, the main benefit that these modules offer is a 16GB setup with just 4 DIMM slots.

To utilize the 16GB of RAM you will need to use a 64-bit Operating System, personally I feel that 16GB of RAM is bit overkill for even high-end systems, however I’m sure there will be users out there who this will be great for.
Currently we are unsure of pricing, however given Crucial’s track record it should be pretty reasonably priced.
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