Sunday, December 6, 2009


Work, connect, communicate. Just the way you want to. Business or leisure - with flexible panels, the Xperia™ X2 has no boundaries.
Your way
Personalise your panels. And with the SlideView key and Windows 6.5 user interface, you have instant access to your messages, schedule, contacts and more.

Touch or keyboard?
Someone's trying to grab your attention? Stay in touch with clients and colleagues as you like. Just use the touch display - or go for the QWERTY keyboard.

Work. Then play. Whenever.
Check out the news on CNN. Have a Skype chat. Find more friends on Facebook. View video clips on the hi-res 3.2" screen. Work or play, you choose.
 X2 Main Features

Instant access - SlideView key
To stay efficient, every little detail matters. The SlideView key gives you one click access. Your email, calendar, applications and more - instantly, at the flick of your finger.

Handwriting Recognition
Text input using stylus on touchscreen: write a character as you would with a pen, and it transforms it into the corresponding letter on a keyboard.
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