Monday, July 5, 2010

HP ePrint really works: eMails and attachments printed from the cloud

HP's ePrint  service is probably best seen in action . The idea is that each ePrint printer gets a unique email address, meaning you can send in a document from any email-enabled device to get it printed, thus eliminating the hassle of finding a computer and drivers or installing an app on certain smartphones and tablets.  According to our sister site, you must first register your printer on HP's ePrintCenter website to obtain a randomly-generated email address (don't worry, you can always get a new one if necessary), and then you're good to go, literally.

Once registered, any email sent to the printer will first be screened by HP's ePrintCenter for viruses and spam (white and black lists supported) before the email body and supported attachments (PDFs, JPEGs, and Microsoft Office documents; no more than 5MB in total) are printed. As you'd expect, all of this scanning and downloading over the web does incur additional delay


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