Saturday, July 17, 2010

Xbox 360 sales increase 88 percent in June, give it US console crown for the month

Proving once again that in this world it's more important what you look like than what you do, the Xbox 360 has cruised to the title of best-selling console in June on the back of a sexy physical redesign. The latest numbers from NPD show that Microsoft shifted 451,700 units in the US, which ousts the Wii's tally of 422,500 and comfortably dwarfs the PS3's 304,800. Still, if Sony wants any consolation it need only look back to the results of its own console Slimmification  last year -- US sales were said to have tripled  in the immediate aftermath of the new SKU's release. So Microsoft might have a little bit of catching up to do yet, and let's not forget that the king of all hardware sales remains the DS, which somehow managed to sell more than half a million devices in June.


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