Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apple issuing free repairs or replacements of wonky 2008 Time Capsules

It takes quite a lot to get Apple to swallow its pride and admit a faulty product, but the random deaths of its Time Capsules seem to have fit that bill. Of course, in classic corporate fashion, we're not told that there's a problem at all, but if you bought one of the earliest batches of Time Capsules -- between February and June 2008 -- and it has since suffered a fatal malfunction, you may now be entitled to a free repair or replacement. This new coverage is also being extended to people who've already had to pay to deal with a less than reliable Capsule; they'll get full refunds of their money, but we doubt their hearts will heal that quickly, and let's not even talk about the lost data that was supposed to be getting backed up on the thing.


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