Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ASUS Eee PC 1005PX looks lovely in your choice of colors

Another pretty little seashell has washed up on the Eee PC shore, and ASUS is making this one official -- sort of. A listing for the 1005PX has appeared on the company's site, but it's sadly a broken link for the moment. No worries, as Notebook Italia has all the details about this little chromatic lappy, which is available in white, black, red, blue, and that pastel pink above that has us really craving a tall glass of strawberry milk. Beyond the clean aesthetics there's nothing particularly exciting here, your typical 1.6GHz Atom N450 CPU, 1 or 2GB of RAM, up to 320GB of storage, and a 10-inch matte 1024 x 600 LED-backlit LCD. Longevity is said to be a healthy 8.5 hours with a six-cell battery, though we don't know just how much this one will cost .


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