Saturday, June 26, 2010

Apple exaggerates iPad demand, underrates its customers

AdMob – one of the largest mobile Internet advertising companies has compiled a report on ad requests by iPhone  OS and Android as of April, 2010. All in all it is very interesting to see how these two mobile giants stack up as well as to forecast dynamics considering recently announced Android 2.2. You can find the report on AdMob official web site to see all the data for yourself. Some simple calculations helped me to work out that more than 25% of April’s iPad ad requests have been done from outside the U. S. And that is when we are only one day away from iPad international launch.

Of course, AdMob tracks ad requests – not device units. So, say U. S. citizen could buy himself an iPad and take it to a world tour making an ad request in every country he happened to visit. But then April is not quite the tourist season to rise up 25%. This probably means that at least some of AdMob indexes refer to iPads used by citizens of other countries (China mostly by the way).

I have to conclude here that iPad sales in America have been juiced up at least a bit by those who now use them outside the U. S., hence will not buy a new one when Apple starts selling it there. Boy oh boy does Apple have some enthusiastic customers!



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