Sunday, January 24, 2010

Charging Leather Case

Charging Leather Case for iPhone is now available,it can charge iPhone and give you up to 4 hours more talk time(or 36 hours more music playback),and this  case protect your iPhone.If you want to charge your Just slide your iPhone  into the case and flick the switch to start charging.This case can be charged easily using a standard Mini USB cable in around 2 hours.Let us see about the important features below.

-This case is ultra slim
-1400mAh Lithium-Polymer battery that can be charged using a standard Mini USB Charger and this is lightweight too.
-LED light is available for status of charging
-Soft leather inner lining
-Black leather exterior
-Upto 4 hours more talktime
-An extra 36 hours music playback from one charge
-Phone and case can be charged using Mini USB charger

via mobilefun
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