Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LG V-KC982RTY Vacuum Cleaner @ Rs. 13,990

LG Bag Less Vacuum Cleaner has a multi-purpose remote control attached to the handle facilitates easy operation.Vacuum Cleaner features the motorised Dust compression technology which reduces the dust particles escaping back into the atmosphere by compressing dust, this means you and your family can breathe easier, and help keep allergens in the home to a minimum.It can be Used to clean both carpets and floors with ease.


  •      Auto Retractable Cord.
  •      360 Degree Swivel.
  •      Remote Handle Control.
  •      Flexible Hose Pipes.
  •      Universal Nozzle.
  •      Powerful Suction.
  •      1800W Max Power.
  •      MRP:Rs. 13,990.


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