Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WHIRLPOOL Protton F 300L Deluxe /300Lts

Key Features  :

  • 3 Doors
  • Air Booster System
  • Freshness Booster System
  • large(34L) and separate Vegetable Drawer
  • Deodorizer
  • Colors Available :     Midnight Blue, Vintage Wine ,Snow White ,Piano Black
  • MRP: Rs.25,475   

features details:
  • large(34L) and separate Vegetable Drawer
  • Air Booster System : It gives up to 30% faster Ice making and bottle cooling.
  • Freshness Booster System  : It enhances air circulation and maintains ideal cooling conditions.
  • Cosmetic Box : it prevents cosmetics from spoiling
  • Glass holder: it holds glasses and bottles
  • Chiller :A chiller that can store up to 5 bottles.
  • Ice Twister: It is easy way of taking cubes.
  • Ice Collector:It is used to collect the ice.


poras tiwari said...

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Advance features details in this model.

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